The ArkFab Earthship Breaks Ground - Great News from the GTech Green Phoenix Project!

ArkFab's Earthship

Green Phoenix, an ArkFab umbrella project operating out of Georgia Tech, continues to develop innovative urban food production. They're putting out a call for volunteers to help with construction:

Peachtree Creek

The project has broken ground and we are proceeding on multiple fronts. We are currently excavating around the site to put in the greenhouse, acquiring pallets for our composting bins, and getting the final designs for our black soldier fly larvae (the fish food).

We have located hundreds of tires for the rammed earth tire wall which we are using as the thermal mass to keep our mushroom facility cool in the summer.

Basically, we are building an earthship which will house the mushroom growing facility. The tire walls are part of the earthship. We need help with everything - pulling tires, constructing the earthship, constructing the aquaponics part, composting, etc. We have some job openings as well, but we need some massive volunteer events first.

We need your help!

Atlanta Memorial Park, Peachtree Creek between Northside Drive and Moores Mill

Time: The next 3 Saturdays - 7/14, 7/21, and 7/28 from 8am to 5pm

Details: We have located hundreds of tires in Peachtree Creek and we need help pulling the tires from the creek and loading them onto trucks.

Please come out and help!!

Please RSVP by emailing Steve Van Ginkel at

Source: Green Phoenix