Tragic News

Liam Rattray, who founded the ArkFab project, died on May 30. A drunk driver hit his motorcycle, throwing him into oncoming traffic. The whole story is here.

It was a weekend in may, 2007, and a chain of events catapulted me from Carrboro, NC to Greenville, SC, building a community radio station. The night I arrived I soldered audio cables, painted walls, and met Liam. He was an easily excited, highly stimulated fellow, enthusiastic about everything. We had sleeping quarters in a high school gym, but we barely slept that night for talking and scheming. He was an
incurable shutterbug, snapping pictures of the weedridden playground, an eerie Stephen King landscape in the hot afternoon light.

Over the next few years, I saw him occasionally, this collage of hikinks, soldering LFO circuits, watching TED talks and dreaming about
viruses, looking for him at 5am in Chapel Hill. Last October I showed up in Atlanta to work on our projects with him.

He had a lot of friends and he was on the edge of amazing, unbelievable things. We will all miss him. His memorial site is here.