SPORE v2... for post-disaster recovery?

Once we've built SPORE v2 we will be able to begin considering the application of similar kinds of systems to post-disaster recover scenarios, but I can't help myself from considering the possibility right now after hearing what has happened in Japan. The three 40' ISO shipping containers that house SPORE v2 can be stocked with the relief supplies to get people back on their feet and the necessary equipment to kick-start an economic recovery by producing food locally and cleaning contaminated soils. Take, for example, Hurricane Katrina, the hurricane created a massive surge of toxic flood waters that contaminated the soil around New Orleans, making it dangerous to grow food. I imagine the same is true for many parts of the Japanese provinces hit by the March 11 tsunami. SPORE v2 contains a 360 sq. ft spawn laboratory, 640 sq. ft. of environmental control chambers, and two 360 sq. ft. greenhouse nurseries. Once installed and running at full capacity this vertical farming facility can pump out 3/4 of a ton of mushroom substrate and 160lbs of edible protein-laden mushrooms every two weeks and numerous baby plant starts. This mushroom substrate can go far to bioremediate toxic soils and provide the necessary non-toxic organic substrate for reestablishing vegetable beds. Some mushrooms are even known to bioaccumulate radiation and may provide a biological option for cleaning up radioactivity.