SPORE v2: a vertical farming facility for mushroom cultivation

The original hoophouse designs for the ArkFab farm have an estimated lifetime of only four years... and they don't stack. I took the multistage bioconversion process from these first designs and incorporated it into a standard repurposed shipping container structure with an estimated lifetime of 10 years. This reduces the annual estimated depreciation expense for the facility by a few hundred dollars a year, increases the amount of material recycled in our structure, provides easier installation and relocation of the facility, and allows us to stack them to take up less precious real-estate. Plus, shipping containers look really cool. Additionally, the logistics and shipping industry is well familiar with how to move these containers around the globe, so as we continue to develop sustainable urban agriculture systems based on these containers we will be able to consider applying them in post-disaster recovery situations.

Here in Atlanta, however, I currently have more modest plans. Simply, to provide Atlanta with the freshest local organic gourmet mushrooms available. Depending on demand we intend to sell King Oyster, Reishi, Shiitake, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Oyster, Wine Cap Stropharia, and Milky mushrooms from a variety developed in Kerala, India.