Building Capacity for Vertical Farming in Atlanta

We're developing a vertical farming capacity building program in Atlanta. Our greenhouses can provide the Truly Living Well Wheat Street Garden, a training center for urban agriculture in downtown Atlanta, with capabilities for mushroom cultivation and eventually, through integrating systems, aquaponics production. Our multistage bioconversion process cultivates gourmet mushrooms, vegetables, and fish by upcycling organic waste streams from local businesses.

Spent grains, coffee grounds, and wood chips provide us with a valuable substrate for the first input to our bioconversion process. These inputs are then used as a growing substrate for gourmet mushroom cultivation in SPORE One. The output of this system is mushroom compost, which is, in turn, fed to red wiggler worms in the Wheat Street Garden's vermicomposting operation. Worms from this operation, duckweed, and algae grown on site are then fed to tilapia fish in SOL One, an aquaponics greenhouse. Fish waste from this aquaponics system is converted through a microbial biofilter to plant food for salad greens grown in a hydroponic system.

Unlike conventional farms, food in this system is cultivated within 10 miles of our market, without the use of irrigation, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, or unsustainable sources of ocean-mined fish feed. ArkFab operations will be a net carbon sink and help Atlanta mitigate and adapt to climate change by sequestering carbon in quality soils.

All of our designs will be released under the open source hardware license to help stimulate a national network of collaborators.

For more information check out the full proposal hosted at

SPORE One, a mushroom bioshelter