ArkFab Vertical Farm

The ArkFab Earthship Breaks Ground - Great News from the GTech Green Phoenix Project!

ArkFab's Earthship

Green Phoenix, an ArkFab umbrella project operating out of Georgia Tech, continues to develop innovative urban food production. They're putting out a call for volunteers to help with construction:

Peachtree Creek

Experimental Flat-Panel Photobioreactor

With funding from the Center for Biologically Inspired Design I designed and built an open source experimental algae photobioreactor. Open Source Hardware plans will be released when I complete the research report.

SPORE v2... for post-disaster recovery?

Once we've built SPORE v2 we will be able to begin considering the application of similar kinds of systems to post-disaster recover scenarios, but I can't help myself from considering the possibility right now after hearing what has happened in Japan.

SPORE v2: a vertical farming facility for mushroom cultivation

The original hoophouse designs for the ArkFab farm have an estimated lifetime of only four years... and they don't stack. I took the multistage bioconversion process from these first designs and incorporated it into a standard repurposed shipping container structure with an estimated lifetime of 10 years.

Building Capacity for Vertical Farming in Atlanta

We're developing a vertical farming capacity building program in Atlanta. Our greenhouses can provide the Truly Living Well Wheat Street Garden, a training center for urban agriculture in downtown Atlanta, with capabilities for mushroom cultivation and eventually, through integrating systems, aquaponics production. Our multistage bioconversion process cultivates gourmet mushrooms, vegetables, and fish by upcycling organic waste streams from local businesses.

The ArkFab Open Source Living Machine Series

Living machines are conventionally known to be engineered biological systems that treat waste water. ArkFab living machines extend this definition to convert any kind of organic waste into value-added products, like food, fuel, biomaterials, or ecosystem services like wastewater treatment.